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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Guildford Lane Gallery

Guildford Lane Gallery 01

Freefold 02 on display at Guildford Lane Gallery in Melbourne from November 12 to 15 2009.

Freefold 02 is a recycled cardboard storage and display system with a unique geometry. Arrange it as a free-standing screen wall, office furniture or plinth; face it in or out it will always maintain the same pattern. Freefold 02 is sized to hold paperbacks in horizontal boxes, art books in vertical ones, and is strong enough to put a TV on. Flat packed and light weight for transport, it is easy to assemble with no glue. Slots in the sides allow the modules to be connected together.

Freefold 02 is made from Xanita X-board which is manufactured from 97% post consumer waste paper. It is 100% recyclable - just put it out with the normal paper recycling at the end of its useful life. Available through freefoldfurniture.com.

Guildford Lane Gallery 02

Guildford Lane Gallery 03

Guildford Lane Gallery 04

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